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Photograph by Oliver F. Atkins of participants in the reception following the dedication ceremonies at George Mason College, Fairfax, Va, November 12, 1964. This event is taking place in the North (now Finley) Building. Pictured here are, from…

Photograph by Oliver Atkins of director, Robert H. Reid addressing the George Mason College Dedication, November 12, 1964. Directly behind him is the North Building (now named the Finley Building).

Photograph by Oliver Atkins of the George Mason College Dedication, November 12, 1964 from the perspective of the audience. Building in the background is the North Building (now named the Finley Building).

Press release from the Mayor of the City of Fairfax, Virginia, Honorable John C. Wood dated May 5, 1964. In this document Mayor Wood officially welcomes George Mason College to the City of Fairfax, complimenting its fine leadership and high…

May-June 1964 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: A requiem for Bailey's Crossroads campus featuring a sketch of Bailey's by Linda Mansell, a history of The Gunston Ledger, student governmernt, Honor Court, and Symposium news. Also details of…

press release_9_14_1964.jpg
Press release dated September 14, 1964 announcing the opening of George Mason College of the University of Virginia's Fairfax, Virginia campus. 8.5" x 11"; typescript. One page.

Revised version of Joseph Saunders & Associates of Alexandria August 1960 report which presents the entire concept of the new college to be built at Fairfax. Included in the report are: the Program, which outlines the stages of construction (both…

Humorous pencil drawing by George Mason College student, Linda Mansell, of Bailey's Crossroads building. Building appears in disrepair while in the foreground a skunk is crying. To the right are the words: 1956-1964: Oh Those "Hallowed Halls!" The…

Photocopy of Dr. Robert H. Reid's remarks at the George Mason College Dedication at Fairfax, Va., November 12, 1964. A photograph of Dr. Reid giving these remarks can be seen at:

Photograph taken by Richard M. Sparks of students Marianne Torregrossa, Kathy Parnell, Anne Walker, and Jim Pracht exiting a classroom and entering the front foyer of Bailey's Crossroads campus of George Mason College, April 1964.
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