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Video which details the background, philosophy, programming, students, and faculty of the New Century College (NCC) program at George Mason University. Video is narrated and in color. Total run time of the video is 6 mintutes and 32 seconds. MPEG-4…

Photograph of a George Mason University defensive player (#95) defending a pass attempt by an unidentified quarterback. Original image dated September 30, 1995 and is a 4" x 6" print; black and white.

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Photograph of George Mason University quarterback Earl Jackson (#19) dropping back to pass against an unidentified defender. Original image dated September 30, 1995 and is a 4" x 6" print; black and white.

Brochure for George Mason University's Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study published in 1995. Six pages; two-colors (blue and white).

Photograph of Dr. Kingsley E. Haynes, Director of The Institute of Public Policy at George Mason University, 1990-1999, and Dean of the School of Public Policy, 2000-2010. 8" x 10" print; black and white.

An exterior photograph of the University Learning Center (now kown as the George W. Johnson Center) taken in 1995, the year the building originally opened. 35mm slide; color.

Photograph of the interior of the University Learning Center portraying three levels of the building. Photograph was taken in 1995, shortly after the facility opened. In Spring 1996 the building was renamed the George W. Johnson Learning Center in…
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