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Broadside for October 13, 1971. In this issue: North Campus (Fairfax High School), Student Government, Student Deferrments, Dr. Edgar F. Shannon vists GMC, Governor A. Linwood Holton, Campus Security, The King and We, Womens' Studies, Jim Corrigan,…

Broadside for April 9, 1972. In this issue: A Linwood Holton, Jr. signs bill making George Mason College independent of the University of Virginia (photograph), students vote on new official seal for George Mason University, George Mason Day 1972,…

Legislation establishing George Mason University as an independent institution, separate from the University of Virginia, April 1972. This is taken from Virginia Acts of Assembly, Volume 1, Regular Session, Chapter 550. Three pages.

GMUAP_2_9_Hol ton_1972.jpg
Governor A. Linwood Holton, Jr., signing H-210, the bill which separated George Mason College from its parent institution, University of Virginia on April 7, 1972 at his office in Richmond. Pictured left to right are: Student Government President…
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