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Photograph of C. Harrison Mann, Jr., a member of the Virginia House of Delegates who was one of the founders of George Mason University. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

During the winter of 1966 George Mason College's Board of Control began the process of purchasing more than thirty individual parcels of land totaling 421 acres for the expansion of the college from 147 acres to 568 acres, the last of which was…

Carbon Copy of letter from John C. Wood, May of the Town of Fairfax, Va. to C. Harrison Mann, Jr. of the Board of Control, January 21, 1958. In this letter he and the Fairfax Town Council offer the Farr property located just south of the Town of…

Letter from Colgate W. Darden to J.N.G. (John Norville Gibson) Finley of December 17, 1957. Darden thanks Finley for sending him an unidentified article from the Northern Virginia Sun. He also discusses the site selection controversy, adding that he…
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