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C. Harrison Mann, Jr. describing the Ravensworth property to an unidentified group. He is using a large plat to point out features of the tract. The time period is roughly 1957. The reverse contains the words: Branch College in pencil at the top and…

Photograph of the original George Mason College building from the north facing Columbia Pike (Route 244). This building had eight rooms. Note the modified sign, which previously read: University of Virginia University College.

Letter from John Norville Gibson Finley to Colgate W. Darden, Jr., August 2, 1957 advising him that he had taken possession of the former Bailey's Crossroads Elementary School building at 5835 Columbia Pike. He also mentions that they have hired a…

Photostatic copy of letter from John Norville Gibson Finley to Colgate W. Darden, Jr., August 2, 1957 acknowledging Darden's letter of July 20 authorizing him to proceed with the college at Bailey's Crossroads.

Item appears to be an internal document of Fairfax County Schools and is marked as such in top left hand corner. This is a 1-page typed description of the former Bailey's Crossroads Elementary School located at 5836 Columbia Pike at the corner of…

Copy of original title deed to the Farr tract, upon which the Fairfax Campus of George Mason College was built in 1964. Deed is dated February 10, 1959. This copy is derived from a printout from a 35 mm a negative microfilm of the original.

Letter from Colgate W. Darden to J.N.G. (John Norville Gibson) Finley of December 17, 1957. Darden thanks Finley for sending him an unidentified article from the Northern Virginia Sun. He also discusses the site selection controversy, adding that he…

Two sample photographs from a series of photographs entitled "Ravensworth College". Photographs depict the Ravensworth property offered for acquisition by the University for the Branch College. Two (black and white) photographs.

Letter from A. Smith Bowman to Clarence A. Steele reminding him the Bowman's original offer of December 1954 and increasing the amount of land offered by one hundred additional acres. Bowman recognizes that Sunset Hills may not be near the center of…

Photostatic copy of Virginia House of Delegates Joint Resolution No. 5, establishing a Northern Virginia branch of the University of Virginia, February 24, 1956.
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