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Press release from the Mayor of the City of Fairfax, Virginia, Honorable John C. Wood dated May 5, 1964. In this document Mayor Wood officially welcomes George Mason College to the City of Fairfax, complimenting its fine leadership and high…

bailey's_classroom, 1963_sm.jpg
Photograph of a classroom at the Bailey's Crossroads Campus of George Mason College, ca. 1963. 8" x 10" print; black and white.

After the Virginia General Assembly's designation of George Mason College as a four-year degree-granting institution in March 1, 1966, a number of key studies were done by and on behalf of George Mason. Each implied greater expansion of and eventual…

Legislation establishing George Mason University as an independent institution, separate from the University of Virginia, April 1972. This is taken from Virginia Acts of Assembly, Volume 1, Regular Session, Chapter 550. Three pages.

GMUAP_2_9_Hol ton_1972.jpg
Governor A. Linwood Holton, Jr., signing H-210, the bill which separated George Mason College from its parent institution, University of Virginia on April 7, 1972 at his office in Richmond. Pictured left to right are: Student Government President…

Mimeograph of listing of construction firms and their final bids for construction of Stage I of George Mason College, July 11, 1963.

Photograph of students and instructor (Professor of Chemistry, Hyman Feinstein) in the laboratory at Bailey's Crossroads campus of George Mason College, 1963.

Photograph taken by Richard M. Sparks of students in the front foyer of Bailey's Crossroads campus of George Mason College, 1963.

Photograph of the original George Mason College building from the north facing Columbia Pike (Route 244). This building had eight rooms. Note the modified sign, which previously read: University of Virginia University College.

Carbon copy of humorous letter written by George Mason College Director J.N.G. Finley on July 26, 1962 to the subscription office manager for The New York Times, Mr. W.L. Murray, in response to a promotion sent to "Mr. George Mason". 1 page.
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