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Front and back of photograph of construction of the South Building (today Krug Hall) George Mason College, Fairfax, Virginia campus taken March 27, 1964. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

George Mason University President Lorin A. Thompson in academic regalia. Photo was taken in his office in Finley Building (formerly North Building), Room 208 on February 6, 1973. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

Photograph taken inside The Ordinary, George Mason College's first dining hall. It was located in the lower-level of South Hall. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

Procession of the Graduating Class of 1968 as they leave the East Building on towards the Lecture Hall. Fifty-two graduates participated in the first Commencement for George Mason College as a four-year institution on June 9, 1968. The South Building…

Volleyball game behind the South Building on the campus of George Mason College in Fairfax, Virginia, April 19, 1968. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

Aerial photograph portraying the newly-built George Mason College, Fairfax campus, ca. 1965. Buildings from top left are: East, South, West, and North. 5" x 7" photograph print; black and white.

Photograph (obverse and reverse) showing East Building under construction, February 7, 1964. In this image the brick exterior is nearly complete, while the other buildings (North, South, and West) are still being framed. On the reverse side, the date…

Aerial photograph of George Mason College, Fairfax campus taken by Oliver F. Atkins. Photo is from the vantage point of Va. Rte. 123 looking east and shows, clockwise from top: East, South, West, and North buildings. Also seen in this image are the…
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