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Press release from the Mayor of the City of Fairfax, Virginia, Honorable John C. Wood dated May 5, 1964. In this document Mayor Wood officially welcomes George Mason College to the City of Fairfax, complimenting its fine leadership and high…

After the Virginia General Assembly's designation of George Mason College as a four-year degree-granting institution in March 1, 1966, a number of key studies were done by and on behalf of George Mason. Each implied greater expansion of and eventual…

February 28, 1969 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: student unrest, University of Virginia, Spectrum, Academic Community Council, Charles R. Fenwick dies, Biology Club, Evening in Venice, The Ordinary, Traffic Control Committee, parking,…

Photostatic copy of letter of May 20, 1965 to the faculty and students of George Mason College. In this letter President Edgar F. Shannon of the University of Virginia wishes to assure the academic community that the University is investigating the…

January - February 15, 1964 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: Biographies of former director, John Norville Gibson Finley and newly appointed director, Robert H. Reid, editorials, "Sophomore Spotlite" featuring Bob Sorgen and Cris Flanagan,…

Copy of original title deed to the Farr tract, upon which the Fairfax Campus of George Mason College was built in 1964. Deed is dated February 10, 1959. This copy is derived from a printout from a 35 mm a negative microfilm of the original.

Photostatic copy of Virginia House of Delegates Joint Resolution No. 5, establishing a Northern Virginia branch of the University of Virginia, February 24, 1956.

VFGM_govdocs_Ref.J87V9, doc# 3_v_Crisis_in_higher_Ed.pdf
Report by Virginia Legislative Advisory Committee on higher education and extension schools in Virginia, August 15, 1955. Thirteen pages.
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