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Carbon copy of letter sent by C. Harrison Mann, Jr. to George B. Zehmer of the University of Virginia regarding the University's plans to begin a program of higher education in the northern Virginia area. In this letter he describes to Zehmer what he…

Report by J.N.G. Finley on the progress of the Northern Virginia University Center for the year 1951-1952.

Carbon copy of letter from Clarence A. Steele to George B. Zehmer, 3/15/49. In this letter Steele tells Zehmer that the committee members are in agreement for the next meeting date (3/28/49). Steele adds that "there is a high degree of enthusiasm…

Letter from George B. Zehmer of the University of Virginia Extension Division to C. Harrison Mann of Arlington Virgnia, 12/30/48. In this letter Zehmer notes that he has enclosed details of the upcoming January 5, 1949 meeting at Washington Lee High…
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