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A brief summary of the concepts behind the design of the University Learning Center (George W. Johnson Learning Center), ca. 1990. This document describes the initial planning of the Center and its evolution from earlier Library Phase IV planning…

Program for the Groundbreaking of the Student Union Building, February 29, 1972. Document features an illustration of the building to constructed on George Mason College's Fairfax Campus, a list of participants in the ceremony, and detailed…

The Mason Gazette for April 22, 1993. In this issue: effort underway to keep Federal Theatre Collection at Mason, distinguished speakers for Commencement (Chief Justiice, William Rehnquist, and Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg), Mason celebratesthe…

Dedication program for Clarence J. Robinson Hall; September 24, 1975. 8.5" x 11", six pages, white and black printed pages with green colored front and back covers.

Architectural drawing of Academic I on George Mason University's Prince William Campus. This image is dated March 16, 1994 about three and half years before the completion of the building in September 1997. Image is 8.5" x 11", black and white.

Architectural drawing of the Center for the Arts on George Mason University's Fairfax Campus. This image was most likely created in 1989 about a year before the completion of the building in 1990. Photograph is 8" x 10", black and white.

Architectural drawing made in 1987 showing a proposed exterior design for Fenwick Library Phase IV. This addition was never completed, as the University opted to construct the University Learning Center (now known as the George W. Johnson Learning…

Approved by the George Mason University Board of Visitors on November 15, 1978, this master plan revised the 1968 plan, which was created when George Mason was then George Mason College of the University of Virginia. It was prepared to reflect an…

Published in February 1987, this master plan revised the 1979 plan. It was prepared to reflect an institution that one day would have an enrollment of 30,000. Contained in this document are: an Introduction, Analysis, Master Plan (containing land…

Photograph of a sketch of the St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel located on Roberts Road in Fairfax. This sketch was made in 1993. Photograph is 5" x 7", black and white.
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