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Carbon copy of humorous letter written by George Mason College Director J.N.G. Finley on July 26, 1962 to the subscription office manager for The New York Times, Mr. W.L. Murray, in response to a promotion sent to "Mr. George Mason". 1 page.

Carbon copy of letter from John Norville Gibson Finley to Dean James W. Cole, Jr. of the University of Virgnia Division of Extension and General Studies of October 12, 1959. Letter references a clipping from the Northern Virgina Sun.

Letter from Colgate W. Darden, Jr. to J.N.G. Finley, June 16, 1959.In this letter, Darden asks Finley his opinion as to how the people of northern Virginia might feel about the name"George Mason" for the branch, which at the time was called Theā€¦
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