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Electronic mail message from Dr. Ángel Cabrera to members of the George Mason University faculty and staff, July 2, 2012. This is the first official correspondence from Dr. Cabrera to the George Mason University community while in office.

Photograph of George Mason University president, Dr. Ãngel Cabrera. This photograph was taken on July 2, 2012 on his first day in office.

Segment from a press conference held December 15, 2011 to introduce the new president of George Mason University,Dr. Ángel Cabrera to the George Mason University community. The event took place in the Mason Inn Conference Center and Hotel on…

Photograph depicting four of Mason's five presidents taken at the Inauguration of Dr. Alan G. Merten on April 4, 1997. From left to right are: Dr. Alan Merten (1996-2012), Dr. George W. Johnson (1978-1996), Dr. Robert C. Krug (1977-1978), and Dr.…

George Mason University President Lorin A. Thompson in academic regalia. Photo was taken in his office in Finley Building (formerly North Building), Room 208 on February 6, 1973. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

Undated news release from George Mason University Public Relations detailing the retirement of Lorin A. Thompson as President of George Mason University. Though undated this document is most likely to be from June 31, 1973, the date Thomson…
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