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Photograph of freshman student and founding editor of the Gunston Ledger, Helen H. Momsen (Johnson). Photograph was taken on the grounds of the Bailey's Crossroads campus on March 10, 1963 by fellow stident Richard Sparks.

May-June 1964 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: A requiem for Bailey's Crossroads campus featuring a sketch of Bailey's by Linda Mansell, a history of The Gunston Ledger, student governmernt, Honor Court, and Symposium news. Also details of…

Photograph taken by Richard M. Sparks of students listening to student government debates in the meeting hall of the Bailey's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, April 1964. The fire department was located next door to George Mason College on Route…

Item appears to be an internal document of Fairfax County Schools and is marked as such in top left hand corner. This is a 1-page typed description of the former Bailey's Crossroads Elementary School located at 5836 Columbia Pike at the corner of…
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