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A man pours beer from a tap into a pitcher.

A patron pays the cashier at the Rathskellar located in the basement of Student Union I.

April 22, 2013 issue of Broadside. In this issue: Scavenger hunt in celebration of Dr. Ángel Cabrera's inauguration, Korean students weigh in on North Korea, war on drugs, Nyla Mileson is new Women's Basketball coach, Vision Series, Bike to…

Broadside for April 11, 1977. In this issue: Dykstra Suddenly Resigns, Rally Gathers More Support for Millar, Asian Culture Festival. Senate Considers Club Budget Requests, Open Hearing for Fred Millar, Andy Evans, Ogden Food Service, Board of…

Photograph of a sketch of the St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel located on Roberts Road in Fairfax. This sketch was made in 1993. Photograph is 5" x 7", black and white.

Photograph of the St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel located on Roberts Road in Fairfax. This photograph was taken on December 3, 1994 the day of its dedication. Photo is 5" x 7"; black and white.

Admissions brochure published in 2011 describing the opportunities available to George Mason University students. publication details student organizations, housing, campus life, traditions, music venues, Greek life, dining, recreation, and area…

Printed copy of an electronic mail message from the Provost's Office congratulating Mason students for their enthusiasm and overall good behavior in regards to Mason's 2006 Final Four run. Message is signed by University Provost, Peter N. Stearns and…

"Go Mason" poster displayed on campus during the 2005-2005 Men's and Women's Basketball season. Poster is in color and measures 12" x 18".

Two-sided Mason Patriots NCAA Final Four badge with green lanyard. Badge is green and yellow in color, two -sided, and measures 3" x 4". Lanyard is green in color and measures 17.5".
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