Broadside, Volume 7, Number 6, October 28, 1969

First edition of the renamed student newspaper, Broadside for October 28, 1969. In this issue: Editorial Policy, Editorial: What is the Function of the GMC Catalog?,  Kappa Sigma Donates Money, Open Letter on Machines, S[tudent] U[nion] Plans Snagged, RIP Gunston Ledger, Students Turn in Draft Cards, Phil Menger, Bob Snapp, John Lindberg, Moratorium Committee Organizes November Effort, Kappa Sigma Sponsors Saturday Concert, Free College Begins Sessions, Bonnie Atwood, Paul Kimberly, Vietnam, Vietnam War, By Jug, Closed Doors, Caustic Comments, Letters to the Editor, Moratorium: Pro and Con, George McGovern, Sports Briefs, basketball, The Marriage Market at GMC, Conservative, Agora Society, Broadside Briefs. 17 pages.

Creator : George Mason College of the University of Virginia

Date : 28 October 1969

Source :

Broadside and The Gunston Ledger

Rights : Copyright George Mason University

Citation: George Mason College of the University of Virginia, “Broadside, Volume 7, Number 6, October 28, 1969,” A History of George Mason University, accessed April 3, 2020,