Broadside, Volume 20, Number 9, October 24, 1977

Broadside for October 13, 1971. In this issue: North Campus, Dr. Robert C. Krug, Strategic Plan, Sheppard B, Kominars, Female Student Stabbed, Dr. Fred Millar, Graduate Seminar, GMU Police, Parents Sue School, Soccer coach Richard Broad, Michael Kelley, Academic Freedon Committee, student involvement, tenure, power failure, housing, Student Apartments, Don Luce, human rights, Federal Theatre Project, FTP, Valentino, Living Newspaper, Injuchtion Granted, Power, One-Third of a Nation, 1935, Sports (Basketball, Golf), intramurals, and TKE. 16 pages.

Creator : George Mason University

Date : 24 October 1977

Source :

Broadside and The Gunston Ledger

Rights : Copyright George Mason University

Citation: George Mason University , “Broadside, Volume 20, Number 9, October 24, 1977,” A History of George Mason University, accessed April 3, 2020,