Broadside, Volume 15, Number 3, September 16, 1974

Broadside for September 16, 1974. In this issue: Dr. Lorraine Brown, Professor John O'Connor, Federal Theatre Project, Student Government, Board of Visitors, Cluster College concept, financial aid, police, Nikki Giovani, Eric Clapton, George Bernard Shaw, Tom Matthews lecture, Dimitrios Papaconstantinopoulos, parking, Student Senate, Sports (Baseball), intramurals. 11 pages.

Creator : George Mason University

Date : 16 September 1974

Source :

Broadside and The Gunston Ledger

Rights : Copyright George Mason University

Citation: George Mason University , “Broadside, Volume 15, Number 3, September 16, 1974,” A History of George Mason University, accessed April 3, 2020,