Reverend Roger W. Verley to Lorin A. Thompson, January 5, 1970

Letter from Reverend Roger W. Verley of Hourly Child Care, Inc. to Lorin A. Thompson, President of George Mason College. In this letter, Verley informs Thompson that he and his staff have suveyed members of the George Mason College community and they have indicated that child care is a pressing need for student, faculty, and staff. Verley recommends that he and Thompson meet with other appopriate university staff members to facilitate the beginning of Hourly Child Care, Inc.'s service at George Mason College. Two pages.

Creator : Verley, Roger W.

Date : 5 January 1970

Source : Office of the President Records Box 8, Folder 14

Rights : Copyright George Mason University

Citation: Verley, Roger W., “Reverend Roger W. Verley to Lorin A. Thompson, January 5, 1970,” A History of George Mason University, accessed April 3, 2020,