To students, faculty, and staff, from Ralph Norvell, Dean, November 8, 1978

Photo static copy of a memorandum sent by Dean, Ralph Norvell to the students, faculty, and staff of the International School of Law (ISL) on November 8, 1978. This message is a follow-up the one he sent on the previous day in which he reavealed to them that the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia will recommend to the 1979 Virginia General Assembly that the ISL not be permitted to merge with George Mason University to form the George Mason University School of Law.

Dean Norvell advises the students faculty and staff of the ISL that: 1) the administration at George Mason University will continue to lobby the Virginia General Assembly in favor of the merger, 2) they have the support of the Northern Virginia Delegation, 3) Mason does not consider the matter closed and will do all it can to move ther merger forward, 4) it is important that the ISL staff, faculty, and students continue to conduct themselves properly, no matter what the outcome, and 5) he is proud of them. One page.

Creator : Norvell, Ralph N.

Date : 8 November 1979

Source : Daniel D. Smith International School of Law collection Box 1

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Citation: Norvell, Ralph N., “To students, faculty, and staff, from Ralph Norvell, Dean, November 8, 1978,” A History of George Mason University, accessed November 19, 2019, http://ahistoryofmason.gmu.edu/items/show/195.