A. Smith Bowman, Jr. to Clarence A. Steele, May 24, 1956.

Letter from A. Smith Bowman to Clarence A. Steele reminding him the Bowman's original offer of December 1954 and increasing the amount of land offered by one hundred additional acres. Bowman recognizes that Sunset Hills may not be near the center of the population at this time, but he is certain that it will sometime in the future. May 24, 1956. One page.

Creator : Bowman, A. Smith, Jr.

Date : 24 May 1956

Source : George Mason University Facilities Planning Records

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Citation: Bowman, A. Smith, Jr., “A. Smith Bowman, Jr. to Clarence A. Steele, May 24, 1956.,” A History of George Mason University, accessed April 3, 2020, http://ahistoryofmason.gmu.edu/items/show/26.