C. Harrison Mann, Jr. to Francis Berkeley, October 18, 1956.

Strongly worded letter (draft) from C. Harrison Mann to Francis E. Berkeley, Secretary to the Board of Visitors, University of Virginia, October 18, 1956. In this letter Mann informs Berkeley of the history of the Advisory Council to the Northern Virginia Center and their role in selection of the branch college site. He suggests to Mr Berkeley that members of the Board did not take all pertinent issues into consideration when they recommended the Sunset Hills site over the Ravensworth property.

Creator : Mann, C. Harrison, Jr.

Date : 18 October 1956

Source : C. Harrison Mann, Jr. Papers Box 22, Folder 10

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Citation: Mann, C. Harrison, Jr., “C. Harrison Mann, Jr. to Francis Berkeley, October 18, 1956. ,” A History of George Mason University, accessed September 21, 2019,