Clarence A. Steele to Colgate W. Darden, Jr., April 4, 1949

Letter (photostatic copy) of 4/4/49 from Clarence A. Steele to University of Virginia president, Colgate W. Darden. In this letter Steele apprises Darden of the interest in the Northern Virgina community in the University's plan to begin a program of higher education in the area and the work up to this point of the Exploratory Committee in helping to achieve this end. Steele also lists some possible courses of future action on the part of the University as suggested by committee members.

Creator : Steele, Clarence A.

Date : 4 April 1949

Source : William Hugh McFarlane George Mason University History Collection, 1949-1977 Box 1, Folder 7

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Citation: Steele, Clarence A., “Clarence A. Steele to Colgate W. Darden, Jr., April 4, 1949,” A History of George Mason University, accessed September 22, 2019,