J.N.G. Finley to Joseph L. Vaughan, January 30, 1962 and notes

Letter (carbon copy) from John Norville Gibson Finley, director of George Mason College to Joseph L. Vaughan, Chancellor of Community Colleges, University of Virginia, January 30. 1962. In this letter Finley suggests wording for the sign. He notes that the Fairfax Mayor, John C. Wood, suggested the removal of the phrase "Mayor and (Town) Council" from the paragraph, leaving only "Citizens of the Town of Fairfax" as the recognized donor.

Accompanying document is a handwritten copy of the suggested wording in Finley's handwriting. This document contains the strike-through of the phrase "Mayor and Council."

A design sketch of the sign can be seen here:


Creator : Finley, John Norville Gibson

Date : 30 January 1962

Source : George Mason University Facilities records Box 1, Folder 16

Rights : Copyright George Mason University

Citation: Finley, John Norville Gibson, “J.N.G. Finley to Joseph L. Vaughan, January 30, 1962 and notes,” A History of George Mason University, accessed May 29, 2020, http://ahistoryofmason.gmu.edu/items/show/93.