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An exterior photograph of the University Learning Center (now kown as the George W. Johnson Center) taken in 1995, the year the building originally opened. 35mm slide; color.

In this film George Mason College Director, Robert Reid, is taking a group of citizens and Fairfax leaders on a tour of the unfinished campus. The tour begins in the North Building (today's Finley Building) and continues around the exterior of the…

Photograph of the Student Apartments, ca. 1981. The Student Apartments were the original on-campus housing facilities, completed in October 1977. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

Photograph of the St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel located on Roberts Road in Fairfax. This photograph was taken on December 3, 1994 the day of its dedication. Photo is 5" x 7"; black and white.

Photograph by Oliver Atkins of the George Mason College Dedication, November 12, 1964 from the perspective of the audience. Building in the background is the North Building (now named the Finley Building).

Front and back of photograph of construction of the South Building (today Krug Hall) George Mason College, Fairfax, Virginia campus taken March 27, 1964. 8" x 10" photograph print; black and white.

Dedication program for Clarence J. Robinson Hall; September 24, 1975. 8.5" x 11", six pages, white and black printed pages with green colored front and back covers.

Photograph of two individuals standing on top of the covered walkway on the eastern side of the West Building. They are posing next to a sign reading: "U.S. Out of Southeast Asia Free All Political Prisoners." Original imge is a 3" x 4" print; black…

A brief summary of the concepts behind the design of the University Learning Center (George W. Johnson Learning Center), ca. 1990. This document describes the initial planning of the Center and its evolution from earlier Library Phase IV planning…

Revised version of Joseph Saunders & Associates of Alexandria August 1960 report which presents the entire concept of the new college to be built at Fairfax. Included in the report are: the Program, which outlines the stages of construction (both…
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