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Carbon copy of humorous letter written by George Mason College Director J.N.G. Finley on July 26, 1962 to the subscription office manager for The New York Times, Mr. W.L. Murray, in response to a promotion sent to "Mr. George Mason". 1 page.

Letter (carbon copy) from John Norville Gibson Finley, director of George Mason College to Joseph L. Vaughan, Chancellor of Community Colleges, University of Virginia, January 30. 1962. In this letter Finley suggests wording for the sign. He notes…

Photograph of John Norville Gibson Finley (third from right) along with members of the Fairfax Town Council pose in front of newly raised sign marking the construction site of the Fairfax campus of George Mason College. Sign was placed at the corner…

Design sketch of the sign which was placed at the corner of University Drive and Payne Street (Va. Rte. 123) marking the construction site of George Mason College, Fairfax, Va. Artist is unknown, but handwriting on the paper on which the sketch is…
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