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Photograph of John Norville Gibson Finley at his desk at the Northern Virgnia University Center on the campus of Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, Va.

Photograph of John Norville Gibson Finley and assistant, Ruth Frank, preparing a classroom for an upcoming class at Northern Virgnia University Center on the campus of Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, Va.on December 22, 1953.

Photostatic copy of a letter from Colgate W. Darden, Jr. to C. Harrison Mann, Jr. suggesting that he (Mann) try to convince the jurisdictions with interest in the site selection matter (Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, and Arlington) to consider…

Preliminary action plan for the creation of the Northern Virginia Center. Document was created in March 1949 by the eight-person Exploratory Committee for the Northern Virginia University Center representing the interests of northern Virginia. This…

Mimeograph of typescript document containing the minutes of the January 4, 1954 meeting of the Advisory Council to the Northern Virginia University Center. In this meeting the council discussed the merits of offering daytime classes for college-age…

Dean Ralph N. Norvell stands at the north side of the George Mason University School of Law building at 3351 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington Virginia. This building was originally a Kann's department store before the International School of Law…

Ten-page program for George Mason University School of Law's dedication and first commencement ceremony, August 23, 1980. 8.5" x 11", two colors.

1980_school_of_law_dedication_ lt_gov_robb_1.mp4
Segment featuring remarks by Virginia Lieutenant Governor, Charles S. "Chuck" Robb from the Dedication and First Commencement of the George Mason University School of Law. Lieutenant Governor Robb is introduced by State Senator, Adelard L. "Abe"…

Invitation to the dedication of Founders Hall on the Arlington Campus on Thursday, March 8, 2012. 5" x 7"; color. Four pages (three pages of content).

Photograph of George Mason University President George W. Johnson speaking at the opening of Virginia Square Metro Station, Arlington, Virginia, December 1, 1979. George Mason University's Arlington Campus and the School of Law is located near this…
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