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Robinson Professor Roger Wilkins speaks at a university event in September 2001. Professor Wilkins was formerly an assistant attorney general under President Lyndon B. Johnson. He later was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Washington Star…

Dedication program for Clarence J. Robinson Hall; September 24, 1975. 8.5" x 11", six pages, white and black printed pages with green colored front and back covers.

Clarence J. Robinson, former Chairman of the George Mason University Advisory Board and supporter of the university photographed in Student Union Building I looking towards Robinson Hall, an academic building on the Fairfax Campus named for him. 8" x…

During the winter of 1966 George Mason College's Board of Control began the process of purchasing more than thirty individual parcels of land totaling 421 acres for the expansion of the college from 147 acres to 568 acres, the last of which was…
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