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press release_9_14_1964.jpg
Press release dated September 14, 1964 announcing the opening of George Mason College of the University of Virginia's Fairfax, Virginia campus. 8.5" x 11"; typescript. One page.

Dr. Johnson posing for a picture inside of Student Union Building I on the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University. Outside the window, the Fenwick Library Tower is the structure on the left and Robinson Hall A is the structure to the right. This…

Map of the George Mason University Fairfax Campus, 1978. Black and white.

Map of the George Mason University Fairfax Campus, ca.1982. Black and white.

Map of George Mason University Fairfax and North campuses, ca.1981. Black and white.

Clarence J. Robinson, former Chairman of the George Mason University Advisory Board and supporter of the university photographed in Student Union Building I looking towards Robinson Hall, an academic building on the Fairfax Campus named for him. 8" x…

The Mason Spirit, the George Mason University alumni magazine cover from Fall 2006 featuring a photgraph of Research Hall, then the newest building on the Fairfax Campus. Research Hall was the first academic building at Mason dedicated solely to…

Photograph portrays celebration which took place on Patriot Circle on the Fairfax Campus immediately after George Mason defeated the University of Connecticut at the Verizon Center as part of the Elite Eight round of the 2006 NCAA Tournament on March…

Photograph of the interior of the University Learning Center portraying three levels of the building. Photograph was taken in 1995, shortly after the facility opened. In Spring 1996 the building was renamed the George W. Johnson Learning Center in…

George Mason University Center for the Arts, ca. 1993. The final structure of the three-phase Humanities complex, the Center for the Arts serves as George Mason's premiere performing arts venue. The Center's Concert Hall was designed by theatrical…
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