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Photograph by Richard M. Sparks of the 1963 Christmas Dance. Shown here from left to right are: Dr. Robert Reid, George Mason College student, Ronald Drum, and chemistry professor Hyman Feinstein, December 9, 1963.

Photograph of students and instructor (Professor of Chemistry, Hyman Feinstein) in the laboratory at Bailey's Crossroads campus of George Mason College, 1963.

Film portraying the moving out of George Mason College from the original building at Bailey's Crossroads to the new campus at Fairfax. Director Robert H. Reid and chemistry professor, Hyman Feinstein can be seen in the film.The initial scene of this…

Photostatic copy of May 9, 1965 letter from faculty members urging the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia to investigate allegations against George Mason College director, Robert H. Reid. Page two contains signatures of fifteen faculty…
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