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October 15, 1963 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: Essay on George Mason, George Mason College Seal, Groundbreaking: John C. Wood, Clarence A. Steele, Charles R. Fenwick, John Norville Gibson Finley, C. Harrison Mann Jr., Student Assembly…

January - February 15, 1964 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: Biographies of former director, John Norville Gibson Finley and newly appointed director, Robert H. Reid, editorials, "Sophomore Spotlite" featuring Bob Sorgen and Cris Flanagan,…

May-June 1964 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: A requiem for Bailey's Crossroads campus featuring a sketch of Bailey's by Linda Mansell, a history of The Gunston Ledger, student governmernt, Honor Court, and Symposium news. Also details of…

Photograph of George Mason College student, Jerry Grossman taken by Richard M. Sparks at Bailey's Crossroads campus of George Mason College, 1964.
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