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Revised version of Joseph Saunders & Associates of Alexandria August 1960 report which presents the entire concept of the new college to be built at Fairfax. Included in the report are: the Program, which outlines the stages of construction (both…

In this film George Mason College Director, Robert Reid, is taking a group of citizens and Fairfax leaders on a tour of the unfinished campus. The tour begins in the North Building (today's Finley Building) and continues around the exterior of the…

Photograph (obverse and reverse) showing East Building under construction, February 7, 1964. In this image the brick exterior is nearly complete, while the other buildings (North, South, and West) are still being framed. On the reverse side, the date…

Photograph by Oliver F. Atkins of participants in the reception following the dedication ceremonies at George Mason College, Fairfax, Va, November 12, 1964. This event is taking place in the North (now Finley) Building. Pictured here are, from…

Aerial photograph of George Mason College, Fairfax campus taken by Oliver F. Atkins. Photo is from the vantage point of Va. Rte. 123 looking east and shows, clockwise from top: East, South, West, and North buildings. Also seen in this image are the…

Photograph by Oliver Atkins of the George Mason College Dedication, November 12, 1964 from the perspective of the audience. Building in the background is the North Building (now named the Finley Building).

Photograph by Oliver Atkins of director, Robert H. Reid addressing the George Mason College Dedication, November 12, 1964. Directly behind him is the North Building (now named the Finley Building).
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