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Letter from A. Smith Bowman to Clarence A. Steele. In this letter Bowman notes that he has read that the Advisory Council has tentatively chosen Ravensworth as the site for the branch college. Bowman reminds him of his original offer of December…

Copy of final report of the Board of Visitors regarding the recommendation of the site for the future branch college of the University of Virginia in northern Virginia. In this report the Board recommends the Sunset Hill site in Herndon over the…

Open letter from the Springfield Committee for the Northern Virginia University Center, September 24, 1956. Letter is in response to the September 15th recommendation by the Board of Visitors, University of Virginia that the Sunset Hills property…

Letter from Clarence A. Steele to representatives of the owners of the Ravensworth Farm property. In this letter, Steele mentions that Ardvisory Committee members have visited the area, have selected a portion in which they are interested, and are…

Open letter addressed to students at the Northern Virginia University Center from Students for a Conveniently Located College (Ben White, Dale Saulnier, Joe Duvall, Clara Allison, Paul Sameth, Evelyn Lucht, Uly H. Gooch, Beth W. Anderson, William…

Two sample photographs from a series of photographs entitled "Ravensworth College". Photographs depict the Ravensworth property offered for acquisition by the University for the Branch College. Two (black and white) photographs.

Mimeographed press statement with annotations announcing the selection of the Ravensworth Farm property by the Advisory Council, June 7, 1956. Three pages.

C. Harrison Mann, Jr. describing the Ravensworth property to an unidentified group. He is using a large plat to point out features of the tract. The time period is roughly 1957. The reverse contains the words: Branch College in pencil at the top and…

Carbon copy of letter from John C. Wood to William C. Simms (a member of the Advisory Council) advising him and the Council of the offer made by the owners of the Ravensworth Farm property. May 16, 1956. One page.
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