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May 15, 1969 Special to The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: Dr. James Shea, Robert C. Krug, student unrest, student strike, Dr. Lorin A. Thompson, Student Boycott Committee, Larry Leftoff, Dr. Eugenie V. Mielczarek, Dr. Patrick Story, Devil's…

February 28, 1969 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: student unrest, University of Virginia, Spectrum, Academic Community Council, Charles R. Fenwick dies, Biology Club, Evening in Venice, The Ordinary, Traffic Control Committee, parking,…

January 10, 1969 issue of The Gunston Ledger. In this issue: basketball, Larry Leftoff, Dr. James Shea, Vietnam, student unrest, The Devil's Advocate, Ruth Flint, Letters to the Editor, Musical Notes, The Christmas Story. Two pages.
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